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Primary Years Programme
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Marijana Haag

PYP Coordinator

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It is St. Jude’s Academy goal to enable every child in academic pursuits, to encourage mastery in athletics and to fuel the exploration in the arts. The IB leads students to natural inquiry, developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills. It is this type of environment that helps students become confident academic students who care about the world around them.

This pursuit of real world problem solving is what sets St. Jude’s Academy apart from other schools. Our determination to equip students with the necessary tools to work collaboratively and flame student’s persistence to follow through, gives an advantage to all who attend.

Community at St. Jude’s is built through respect and mindfulness that rounds out the holistic student. It is within this community that students feel happy, safe and confident about taking risks. Students within the community embrace the challenge set before them-and thrive.

Our dedicated staff assists students to flourish in a 21st century world. The teachers communicate extensively with parents to help produce the best results.

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