EARLY university acceptances
EARLY university acceptances

EARLY university acceptances

SJA is proud to announce our Grade 12 students’ EARLY university acceptances to the following schools:
York University: 
Financial and Business Economics with Entrance Scholarship (BA)
Administrative Studies (BAS)
Chemistry & Management Option with scholarship (BSc)
Chemistry + Mathematics & Management Option with scholarship (BSc)
Medicinal Chemistry (BSc)
Biomedical Chemistry (BSc)
Life Science (BSc)
Chemical Engineering (BEng)

Social Science (BA


General Engineering with Entrance Scholarship (BSc)
Bachelor of Science (BSc – Hons)
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Networking & Information Technology Security (Bachelor of IT)

Brock University: 
Computer Science (BSc)
Congratulations to our Grade 12s – keep up the great work!!

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