SJA at a Glance

SJA at a Glance

Why parents choose St. Jude’s Academy

St. Jude’s Academy offers a warm and comfortable environment.
At St. Jude’s Academy we are a family. With small class sizes and friendly staff, parents feel good knowing that every staff member knows their child by name.

The next reason parents choose SJA is that we don’t plough through the curriculum.
At St. Jude’s, mastery of the basic core material is essential, and we strive to give the greatest foundation to every student.


St. Jude’s promotes global citizens.

All parents realize that our world is getting smaller and that the next generation needs to have a foundation of knowledge and tolerance in order to be good global citizens. At St. Jude’s, we promote global ideas without ignoring what makes us what we are today.

The final reason parents choose SJA is our dedication to the arts.
With numerous plays and performances, a St. Jude’s student leaves our school with a rich repertoire of artistic experience.

We hope that you come by and visit the talented and knowledgeable group of students that make up SJA

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