Candidate Diploma Programme Fall 2018

Candidate Diploma Programme Fall 2018
Lee Roe- Etter, DP Coordinator
Lee Roe- Etter

DP Coordinator

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Mme. Lee Roe-Etter – Coordinator of our Future Diploma Programme

Lee comes to St Jude’s with over 15 years as a diploma coordinator. She also is a lead Educator for the IB Education Network (IBEN). Lee is looking forward to seeing the Diploma Programme authorized by the fall of 2018, with our present Middle Years Programme (MYP) year 5’s (Grade 10) becoming the first class to graduate in 2020 with an IB Diploma.

The Diploma Programme is the culminating two years of the IB continuum. St Jude’s already has a thriving PYP. Our candidate MYP held its first Personal Project presentation in June 2017. The MYP and the DP will have a simultaneous authorization process, making St Jude’s a full IB continuum school by fall 2018. Students, who complete the MYP including the Personal Project, will move seamlessly into the DP with the skills necessary to take on the challenges of the curriculum.

Diploma teachers have already had professional training from the IB in their subject area. They are looking forward to putting their hard work on their courses into practice. Diploma curriculum will continue the focus on international-mindedness, the learner profile attributes and the approaches to teaching and learning begun in the PYP.

All students will study courses from 6 subject groups: Grooup1: Studies in Language and Literature, Group 2: Language Acquisition, Group 3: Individuals and Societies, Group 4: Sciences, Group 5: Mathematics, and Group 6: the Arts. Students must take a course from each group (the Arts may be replaced with another subject from the other 5 groups).

There are two levels of study: Higher Level (HL – 240 hours) – students must take 3, and Standard Level (SL – 150 hours) – students must take 3

PLUS: three Core elements: Theory of Knowledge (a class), Creativity, Activity and Service, and Extended Essay – a research paper of 4000 words, mentored by a subject teacher.

St Jude’s is planning on offering the following subjects:

Group1: English Language and Literature HL

Group 2: French SL

Group 3: Economics HL, History SL and online Business Management HL (in class)

Group 4: Chemistry HL, Biology SL and online Physics SL (in class)

Group 5: Math SL (includes MHF4U + MCV4U), Math Studies SL (MHF 4U + MDM 4U)

Group 6: Visual Art (HL/SL) or one from the other 5 groups.

STUDENTS AND PARENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO ATTEND THE FALL PRESENTATIONS, WHICH WILL EXLAIN IN MORE DETAIL THE STRUCTURE AND OTHER IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF THE DIPLOMA PROGRAMME. Mme Roe-Etter will be visiting classes to remind students of the importance of being informed. All students who complete the MYP will be well prepared to handle every aspect of the Diploma.

For more information on the subject content visit: under Diploma Programme, Resources for DP Schools, Curriculum, DP subject briefs.