JK – Grade 6
JK – Grade 6

International baccalaureate IB JK – Grade 6 Diploma Schools

The PYP (Primary Years Programme) is the International Baccalaureate designation for Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6. We believe that children can best acquire a rich body of knowledge and the skills needed for future learning through a curriculum that is developmentally appropriate. Our programme builds year by year, and is an expression of our mission of Experience, Learn, and Grow. We wish to inspire learning, build self-confidence, and foster the desire to contribute to our community.

The Lower School at St. Jude’s Academy is from JK-Grade 6. Here at St. Jude’s Academy we offer a challenging, introduction to the IB PYP World School Education. Our experienced IB trained faculty sets high standards in the classrooms, while nurturing a genuine enthusiasm for learning among our students. Our curriculum is designed to develop a child’s knowledge and skills in all areas (physical, social, emotional and intellectual) and to establish a foundation for lifelong learning.

St. Jude’s Academy is more than just a typical elementary school. Students in Junior Kindergarten through to Grade 6 experience much more than a one-classroom day. Through specialist driven rotary classes, students have the opportunity to explore the subjects of French, Music, Art, Drama and Gym outside the classroom; whilst core teachers conduct classes according to the IB PYP methods in the subjects of Math, English, Science and Social Studies.

Arts – At St. Jude’s, the arts serve as an important component to the overall development of the student. Social, creative and intellectual arts produce self-confidence and cooperative learning in our students.

The arts are integrated through homeroom teachers, specialists and guest artists that contribute to the overall programme.

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