About our international program

About our international program
International Studies

About our international programme

We make sure our international students integrate into our rigorous academic programme. By using the best ESL teachers and our high level programme, SJA prepares international students for Canadian universities- and eventually, Canadian jobs.

Our international students are able to pass the Canadian Literacy Test and secure admission to top Canadian universities. Our international programme involves the students working alongside their Canadian peers in our high level academic courses. The international students also spend time in courses tailored to develop their English skills to match the fluency of our Canadian students by the time of graduation.

Come in and see the difference SJA makes.

Contact our director of admissions Melissa Chin at mchin@stjudesacamdemy.com

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Why come to Mississauga?

The beautiful city of Mississauga is Canada’s 6th largest city, and one of its most successful!  For the 7th year in a row, Mississauga has been voted Canada’s safest city! This vibrant city is always growing, with new enterprises, restaurants and cultural destinations.  Mississauga boasts many stunning natural parks, gardens and over 23 major trail systems that will keep outdoor adventurers busy!  Local trails that are a ‘must-see’ include the Credit Valley River, and Port Credit.  There are also many opportunities to enjoy an active cultural life with galleries, theatres, art centres, concert halls and museums.  Some of the exciting cultural spots in Mississauga that should definitely be on your ‘to-do list’ are Square One Shopping Centre, The Living Arts Centre and the Art Gallery of Mississauga.  Additionally, Mississauga is conveniently located a short distance from other major tourist attractions such as the city of Toronto, and Niagara Falls.   St. Jude’s Academy is excited to show our International Students all that Mississauga has to offer!