International Studies Summer Camp

International Studies Summer Camp

Programme Overview

St. Jude’s Academy offers ESL Academic Camp for students aged between 11-18 years, who are seeking an intercultural learning experience while enhancing their English language skills. The programme focuses on improving the learner’s English language skills including reading, writing, media, listening, and speaking. At St. Jude’s Academy, our objective is to provide our campers with a holistic learning experience that serves them beyond the classroom setting. Consequently, our learning structure is never limited to classroom environment but employs alternative methods including but not limited to aesthetics, arts, athletics, and other engaging activities.

Our programme is designed to prepare the learners to executive an effective communication in academic and social settings. St. Jude’s Academy is located at one of the most accessible Greater Toronto Areas. Our academic rigour, entwined with the practical application of communication skills, makes our programme one of the best in the area.

Academic Programming

  • Students will be assessed for their initial English proficiency level and be placed in the programme accordingly
  • We offer small students to teacher ratio and individualized attention to each learner
  • A certificate of completion will be granted upon the completion of the programme.

Program Prerequisites

There are no pre-requisites to apply for the ESL Academic Camp at St. Jude’s Academy. However, if the applicant has taken the IELTS exam in the past, a copy of the final report will be required for internal assessment.

Student Expectations

Students are expected to comply by the St. Jude’s code of conduct and school policies, to ensure an effective learning experience and fair treatment to students and staff members. St. Jude’s Academy maintains strict policies against academic dishonesty, bullying, vandalism, and inflicting serious harm on others.

Visa Requirements

Study permit is not required to pursue a short- term (lasting six months or less) course or programme in Canada. Students are required to complete the program within the assigned period of time. We strongly recommend consulting the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website at: before preparing for your trip.

Withdrawal and Cancellation Policy

Upon acceptance of your application to the ESL Academic Camp at St. Jude’s Academy, a confirmation package will be emailed to you. If for any reason, the Canadian Embassy rejects the learner’s visa, St. Jude’s Academy will refund the deposit upon receiving the documentation from the Embassy. For all other reasons, a cancellation request in written is required explaining the reason for withdrawal. Upon deciding not to move forward with the programme, St. Jude’s will refund up to 50% of the paid tuition, two weeks prior to the start of the programme. Please be notified that there will be no refund after the specified time.

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