JK to Grade 8 Admissions Information

JK to Grade 8 Admissions Information

St. Judes Academy International Programme Admission Process

As a dedicated IB World School, St. Judes Academy has students joining us from many different parts of the world- Korea, China, Jamaica, Nigeria, Switzerland, Germany, Brazil, France and England to name a few. St. Judes Academy works with a variety of international recruiting agencies to assist in the application process. We admit students for the following September on a continuous basis throughout the year. Admission to St. Judes Academy is competitive; thus, to avoid disappointment, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible.

Application Form

Step 1: The Application

The Application Form is to be completed by the parent(s)/guardian(s) of the applicant. Once the form has been completed and submitted you will be contacted by our admissions office about your admission request or to set up a school tour.

Step 2: The Interview

Once the application has been received, we will be in touch to set up an interview and tour. Skype interviews are available and have been used for International applicants.

Step 3: Assessment and References

Academic Assessment Your child(ren) will join us for one full day to complete assessments in reading, writing, and math. This will give us a better understanding of your childs academic strengths and opportunities. Your childs previous academic report cards will also be required as part of the academic assessment.

Step 4: The Decision

Decisions are made after a thorough assessment of the applicant. We will notify parents/guardians of their childs success in obtaining admission to St. Judes Academy. Final registrations forms will be sent to complete the process.

Student Visa Assistance

International students who do not hold Canadian citizenship or landed immigrant status may be required to apply for a Study Permit before moving to Canada. All applicants who are accepted to study at St. Judes Academy are provided with a Placement Letter which may be used in an application for a Study Permit along with a separate Letter of Acceptance that St. Judes Academy can provide on an as-needed basis. Please contact your local Canadian Embassy or Consulate for further information on Student Visa requirements. St. Judes Academy recognizes that applying from outside Canada may present unique challenges. St. Judes Academy is committed to providing you with personalized attention throughout the admission process.

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